Advanced Invaders Version 1.3 & Binary Void Version 1.2

Advanced Invaders is updated to version 1.3:

  • Performance improvements for Android version
  • ARM64 support added for Android version
  • Added Android adaptive icon
  • Alien bomber yields more points
  • Some additional minor polish

New Unity 2019 gave a nice performance boost to Android version of Advanced Invaders. Particularly in Spacewatch mode, when bullet hell occurs.

Since new version 1.3 is built with all new Unity, Win/Linux version 1.2 will remain available for a while here, just in case.

An update to version 1.2 for Binary Void is available:

  • Fixed a problem where if project was built as a game for Android in Unity 2018/2019, virtual joypad axis wouldn't detect dragging input event across the touchscreen
  • Added more code comments

Problem about joypad axis was really annoying one. Not sure if this is a bug in newer versions of Unity or if it's intentional fix (make somewhat sense to be considered as such).

You may check this Q&A topic on Unity's board in tutorial section, and post any questions or thoughts on Binary Void project.

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